dream closet

i am so excited to share a fun new post with you all. it’s all about what my dream closet would be. y’all know this kind of blog is right up my alley! i started saving images on pinterest and fantasizing what could be my closet one day. two reasons i love the idea of a dream closet: organization and aesthetics. two of my all time favorite things! my closet now is color-coded and organized by season. my shoes have a built-in shelf and are sorted by type i.e. booties, summer shoes, dress shoes, etc. to think if i had an entire room dedicated to my clothes and everything be visible gives me all the heart eyes. and not to mention having it be beautifully decorated so it could be a nice little haven when i am getting ready.

here is some inspiration for what my dream closet would be…


a mainly neutral pallet would be my ideal closet. i would want the clothes to be what stands out and to be the center of the room, with a few pops of color in some details.


i love the look of organization and cleanliness for my closet. the idea is to have everyhting visually at the forefront to be able to access a piece of clothing easily, but have bins and drawers for the miscellaneous items.


i love the idea of having a seating area and a beautiful rug in my dream closet, as well as a plant or two. this gives life and breath-ability to the space.

chair here | pouf here  


i absolutely love the idea clothes rack in my closet. this is an area where i could piece idea outfits together. plus, i love the way it looks aesthetically. and you can get this look for an amazing price!


you can get this clothing rack for less than $50!


a pop of color, whether in a great rug or a beautiful pendant light, would make the neutral space come alive with the clothing.


how beautiful is this pendant?! / you can find some more beautiful pendants here!


to finish it all off, i would have a uniform way of displaying my jewelry that goes with the overall feel of the closet.


you can get this look here.

what would your dream closet be?


thank you arhaus for the inspiration for this post!


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