new favorites

the really cool thing about this day and age is that there are so many people doing exactly what they love. they take risks and learn how to create with purpose. i am so inspired daily by what other people and their passions, and i love the community we have that lets us share with each other and encourage each other! so here is my inspiration post with some fun things i am in love with these days!



first up: these amazing earrings from skye and grace. not only are they adorable, but they are made by artisans in thailand that empowers them and ” creates prosperity for their local communities”. it becomes more than just purchasing earrings. they actually are a livelihood for sweet people in southeast asia and give purpose to our purchase. i want a pair in each color!


so i am kind of a wimp when it comes to drastic changes sometimes. like, it takes a looooooong time to ever commit to changing my hair color. the same goes with the idea of a tattoo. i love the idea and concept of them, but can never commit to one thing that i would want on my body forever. FOR-E-VER. soooo when i stumbled across this temporary tattoo company on Instagram, i fell in love! if i were to get anything, it would definitely have to be a reference to Scripture or a verse itself, so to have a temporary tattoo would help me envision if i would ever get one. and for those that can’t just pick one, since it is temporary, you can get a new one every few weeks! it would be a beautiful encouragement to look down and see the Word, so i love the thought behind this brand!


so i’m the girl that loves a good holiday. any reason to buy fun holiday decor, cute party supplies, or wear a themed outfit and i’m in! but don’t get me wrong- i’m a girl on a budget too. that’s why you will usually see me scouring the spot section at target or looking through home goods after a holiday. but when i am looking for some nice pieces to invest in for the future, there is no cuter shop than white lilac inc.  from cute cake stands to fun candles to the MOST fun paper plates. [i mean, come on with this cactus plate!]

i hope you enjoyed this little post of fun and pretty and inspiring things. what are some of your favorite brands with a purpose? i would love to check them out!






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