favorite looks for spring

hey all! happy weekend. i wanted to share with you some looks that are really getting me excited for spring. i am definitely a seasons girl. i love when each season gently pushes into the next. with fall comes the cooler weather and layers [which are my favorite] and cocoa and football and… well, i could go on and on. but there is just something about spring. when all the color returns to the earth and you can be outside everyday and you don’t realize it’s 8:00 at night because the sun is still out. there is also an easiness to fashion during spring. i love the beautiful colors and breezy silhouettes. here are some of the items on my wish list for spring…


y’all. these espadrilles are at the top of my list. from the scalloped edges [very chloe-esque, i must say] to the perfect shade of blush, these are a MUST for my spring wardrobe. find them here.


i’m such a sucker for anything white. so add bell sleeves and make it crocheted? GIMME. this look is beautiful for a fun brunch, for easter coming up, or for a fun day shopping with friends. it can be versatile with how you accessorize. hurry up and get it here!


warby parker’s spring collection of their sunglasses is to die for. i have something fun up my sleeve with this collection [saving that for a future post], but for now, check out these super hip glasses for their spring 2017 line. lovingggg. check out the collection here.

two words: bandana. scarves. i am all about trying as much pattern-on-pattern as i can this season, and these little beauties add the perfect pop without being too much. plus, they are only $18, which is amazing! check out all of the fun patterns here.

see my look here!


what are your most anticipated looks for spring?



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