|shop local| baby edition

my favorite things i have received for millie have been fun, little local onesies or her. they are unique in that most people won’t have the one she’s rocking, they are usually attached to a wonderful cause, and they are some of the cutest outfits out there for her. the ones i am showing you today have been gifts, and they are some of the most thoughtful gifts we received! i will also attach a link to each source so you can read the story of each company and their mission!


first up is one that helps rock millie’s southern roots…



i CAN’T EVEN with this amazing boiled peanut onesie that my cousin gifted us. it’s not only precious, but 10% of all the proceeds go to southern foster care. as a family that is passionate about adoption, i love that this company is about aiding the orphans/foster children.

“From the time we met (Megan & Craig), we were both passionate about adoption and specifically foster kids. Having both grown up with the support of loving families, the idea of over 100,000 kids right here in the South not having such a basic thing as a family was mind-blowing.

So when we started Y’allsome, we decided that a big part of our company would be about helping Southern foster kids. That’s why we donate 10% of our profits to help them find permanent homes. When you shop with us, you should feel good about the product you’re buying, knowing your purchase goes to help others. It’s why we call Y’allsome goods ‘Southern Goods that Do Good’.”





the next onesie is so fun!



canaan’s brother and his wife live in washington d.c., so this onesie is perfect to represent millie’s aunt and uncle that live in our nation’s capitol. plus, i love that she is rocking different places that we dream of taking her one day. my favorite part about the brand is its name- wee the people. [dead]

their fun little story is to have tees that help begin conversations about our wonderful country and the history that comes with it.

“George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln…they were all kids once, too. They went on to do great things. When you tell your kids their story, you give them a story to tell, a great history to be a part of. Who knows what great things they will do? Can a humble tee do all this? Of course not…but you can. And we believe our tees can help.”




please tell me about some of your favorite local baby goods- i would love to hear!




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