a day with warby parker

recently i decided to shop the spring line of warby parker’s sunglasses and see which ones i liked best for this upcoming summer season. my favorite thing about WP? you can have 5 pairs sent to you at home to try on and see which look best with your wardrobe and the ones that look best on you. here are some that i tried and fell in love with!


first up is tilley. i loved the retro feel of the cat eye frames with the modern touch of the clear color.

pros: i have a narrow face, so i sometimes have trouble with glasses fitting my face. this pair was a perfect fit. that definitely helps with my decision making.

cons: there are no real cons with this pair!




my next pair was banks. these have a fun tortoise edge and a super dark glass for great coverage.

pros: i am a sucker for big frames. so these were probably my favorite as far as a big frame goes. i also love how dark they are. this always makes me feel like my eyes are being protected that much more. 🙂

cons: these were a little wide for my face so i wouldn’t be super confident that they wouldn’t fall off my face if i bent over or something.


IMG_3022IMG_3016IMG_3004 (1)


next up is lowry. these have a cool tortoise frame and big, dark lenses.

pros: again, i love the big, dark lenses. i also love the fun square shape of these glasses.

cons: these were really wide. hence my holding them in each shot. if they come in narrow, i would definitely consider them!


IMG_3035 (1)IMG_3039 (1)IMG_3042 (1)


my fourth pair is ormsby. these have a unique and vibey color palette, with “english oak” frames and a blueish tint lens.

pros: i love the color palette and the shape of the frames on my face.

cons: these were the most wide pair on my face. like i said before, if these come in narrow, i’m all for them. they also have slightly lighter lenses.




last up is the haskell. with the clear, modern frames paired with the fun round shape, these easily became my favorite pair.

pros: these fit my face perfectly and have wonderfully dark lenses that offset the clear frames wonderfully.

cons: honestly, none for me on these!




which ones are your favorite? go check out their website and see what pair you like!

thank you warby parker for the fun new line!








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