robin hill lane

robin hill lane is here to capture the sweet, little moments in life. the goal of this blog is to uncover the beauty in the everyday and glorify the miracles that happen between sun up and sun down. there is so much beauty in life to be experienced, and the hope for my life [and this blog] will to forever be in awe of it.

ami chapman

life is meant to be inspirational. for me, that inspiration comes from travel, the aesthetics of decoration and organization, the joy of thrifting and making outfits come together, capturing moments through photography, going on adventures as often as possible, discipleship, and having true, deep conversations with others in my life. these are simply the things that keep me wondering and wandering. i hope the words and images of this blog inspire you to milk life for all that it is–glorious.

i was born and raised in nashville, tennessee but have lived in dallas, texas since 2012. much of my time is spent loving life with my ultimate adventure partner [my husband], doing ministry with high school students at prestonwood baptist [where my husband and i both work] and seeing them live to solely for Jesus, figuring out my next home project, finding unique pieces at local thrift shops, baking, and finding community here in dallas.


4 thoughts on “about

  1. 2325 Nashville Pike, Apt. 1221, Gallatin, TN 37066

    Anna and I live together, so you can send both sets there!

    Thank you SO much!! 😊😁

  2. Bex and I share a mailbox at school! The address is:

    410 Ouachita Stree
    Box #3099
    Arkadelphia, AR 71998

    Thank you so much, Ami!! We can’t wait to see!

  3. Bex and I share a mailbox at school! Our address is:

    410 Ouachita Street
    Box #3099
    Arkadelphia, AR 71998

    We can’t wait to see everything!! Thank you so much Ami!

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