a day with warby parker

recently i decided to shop the spring line of warby parker’s sunglasses and see which ones i liked best for this upcoming summer season. my favorite thing about WP? you can have 5 pairs sent to you at home to try on and see which look best with your wardrobe and the ones that look best on you. here are some that i tried and fell in love with!


first up is tilley. i loved the retro feel of the cat eye frames with the modern touch of the clear color.

pros: i have a narrow face, so i sometimes have trouble with glasses fitting my face. this pair was a perfect fit. that definitely helps with my decision making.

cons: there are no real cons with this pair!




my next pair was banks. these have a fun tortoise edge and a super dark glass for great coverage.

pros: i am a sucker for big frames. so these were probably my favorite as far as a big frame goes. i also love how dark they are. this always makes me feel like my eyes are being protected that much more. 🙂

cons: these were a little wide for my face so i wouldn’t be super confident that they wouldn’t fall off my face if i bent over or something.


IMG_3022IMG_3016IMG_3004 (1)


next up is lowry. these have a cool tortoise frame and big, dark lenses.

pros: again, i love the big, dark lenses. i also love the fun square shape of these glasses.

cons: these were really wide. hence my holding them in each shot. if they come in narrow, i would definitely consider them!


IMG_3035 (1)IMG_3039 (1)IMG_3042 (1)


my fourth pair is ormsby. these have a unique and vibey color palette, with “english oak” frames and a blueish tint lens.

pros: i love the color palette and the shape of the frames on my face.

cons: these were the most wide pair on my face. like i said before, if these come in narrow, i’m all for them. they also have slightly lighter lenses.




last up is the haskell. with the clear, modern frames paired with the fun round shape, these easily became my favorite pair.

pros: these fit my face perfectly and have wonderfully dark lenses that offset the clear frames wonderfully.

cons: honestly, none for me on these!




which ones are your favorite? go check out their website and see what pair you like!

thank you warby parker for the fun new line!








|shop local| baby edition

my favorite things i have received for millie have been fun, little local onesies or her. they are unique in that most people won’t have the one she’s rocking, they are usually attached to a wonderful cause, and they are some of the cutest outfits out there for her. the ones i am showing you today have been gifts, and they are some of the most thoughtful gifts we received! i will also attach a link to each source so you can read the story of each company and their mission!


first up is one that helps rock millie’s southern roots…



i CAN’T EVEN with this amazing boiled peanut onesie that my cousin gifted us. it’s not only precious, but 10% of all the proceeds go to southern foster care. as a family that is passionate about adoption, i love that this company is about aiding the orphans/foster children.

“From the time we met (Megan & Craig), we were both passionate about adoption and specifically foster kids. Having both grown up with the support of loving families, the idea of over 100,000 kids right here in the South not having such a basic thing as a family was mind-blowing.

So when we started Y’allsome, we decided that a big part of our company would be about helping Southern foster kids. That’s why we donate 10% of our profits to help them find permanent homes. When you shop with us, you should feel good about the product you’re buying, knowing your purchase goes to help others. It’s why we call Y’allsome goods ‘Southern Goods that Do Good’.”





the next onesie is so fun!



canaan’s brother and his wife live in washington d.c., so this onesie is perfect to represent millie’s aunt and uncle that live in our nation’s capitol. plus, i love that she is rocking different places that we dream of taking her one day. my favorite part about the brand is its name- wee the people. [dead]

their fun little story is to have tees that help begin conversations about our wonderful country and the history that comes with it.

“George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln…they were all kids once, too. They went on to do great things. When you tell your kids their story, you give them a story to tell, a great history to be a part of. Who knows what great things they will do? Can a humble tee do all this? Of course not…but you can. And we believe our tees can help.”




please tell me about some of your favorite local baby goods- i would love to hear!



favorite looks for spring

hey all! happy weekend. i wanted to share with you some looks that are really getting me excited for spring. i am definitely a seasons girl. i love when each season gently pushes into the next. with fall comes the cooler weather and layers [which are my favorite] and cocoa and football and… well, i could go on and on. but there is just something about spring. when all the color returns to the earth and you can be outside everyday and you don’t realize it’s 8:00 at night because the sun is still out. there is also an easiness to fashion during spring. i love the beautiful colors and breezy silhouettes. here are some of the items on my wish list for spring…


y’all. these espadrilles are at the top of my list. from the scalloped edges [very chloe-esque, i must say] to the perfect shade of blush, these are a MUST for my spring wardrobe. find them here.


i’m such a sucker for anything white. so add bell sleeves and make it crocheted? GIMME. this look is beautiful for a fun brunch, for easter coming up, or for a fun day shopping with friends. it can be versatile with how you accessorize. hurry up and get it here!


warby parker’s spring collection of their sunglasses is to die for. i have something fun up my sleeve with this collection [saving that for a future post], but for now, check out these super hip glasses for their spring 2017 line. lovingggg. check out the collection here.

two words: bandana. scarves. i am all about trying as much pattern-on-pattern as i can this season, and these little beauties add the perfect pop without being too much. plus, they are only $18, which is amazing! check out all of the fun patterns here.

see my look here!


what are your most anticipated looks for spring?


pink inspiration

if you have seen my pinterest at all, you know that i have boards set up specifically based on colors. they are true outlets for images that inspire me, but put in aesthetically-pleasing categories.

now i would not consider myself a “pink” kind of girl, but recently it has been the color i am most drawn to and inspired by lately. i gathered some things in my home and put them all together to create a look that i pin all of the time on pinterest. hopefully i will be able to do more of these color inspirations in the future!



all of the items in the picture are linked below!

rose lemonade | ritter sport chocolates | paris in color photo book | mrs. meyer’s hand soap [mum is a seasonal scent, but the peony also is pink and a wonderful scent as well! | ll bean sweater [similar here] | marshalls vase | hot pink drop earrings [similar here]

what color is most inspiring to you at the moment?


new favorites

the really cool thing about this day and age is that there are so many people doing exactly what they love. they take risks and learn how to create with purpose. i am so inspired daily by what other people and their passions, and i love the community we have that lets us share with each other and encourage each other! so here is my inspiration post with some fun things i am in love with these days!



first up: these amazing earrings from skye and grace. not only are they adorable, but they are made by artisans in thailand that empowers them and ” creates prosperity for their local communities”. it becomes more than just purchasing earrings. they actually are a livelihood for sweet people in southeast asia and give purpose to our purchase. i want a pair in each color!


so i am kind of a wimp when it comes to drastic changes sometimes. like, it takes a looooooong time to ever commit to changing my hair color. the same goes with the idea of a tattoo. i love the idea and concept of them, but can never commit to one thing that i would want on my body forever. FOR-E-VER. soooo when i stumbled across this temporary tattoo company on Instagram, i fell in love! if i were to get anything, it would definitely have to be a reference to Scripture or a verse itself, so to have a temporary tattoo would help me envision if i would ever get one. and for those that can’t just pick one, since it is temporary, you can get a new one every few weeks! it would be a beautiful encouragement to look down and see the Word, so i love the thought behind this brand!


so i’m the girl that loves a good holiday. any reason to buy fun holiday decor, cute party supplies, or wear a themed outfit and i’m in! but don’t get me wrong- i’m a girl on a budget too. that’s why you will usually see me scouring the spot section at target or looking through home goods after a holiday. but when i am looking for some nice pieces to invest in for the future, there is no cuter shop than white lilac inc.  from cute cake stands to fun candles to the MOST fun paper plates. [i mean, come on with this cactus plate!]

i hope you enjoyed this little post of fun and pretty and inspiring things. what are some of your favorite brands with a purpose? i would love to check them out!





dream closet

i am so excited to share a fun new post with you all. it’s all about what my dream closet would be. y’all know this kind of blog is right up my alley! i started saving images on pinterest and fantasizing what could be my closet one day. two reasons i love the idea of a dream closet: organization and aesthetics. two of my all time favorite things! my closet now is color-coded and organized by season. my shoes have a built-in shelf and are sorted by type i.e. booties, summer shoes, dress shoes, etc. to think if i had an entire room dedicated to my clothes and everything be visible gives me all the heart eyes. and not to mention having it be beautifully decorated so it could be a nice little haven when i am getting ready.

here is some inspiration for what my dream closet would be…


a mainly neutral pallet would be my ideal closet. i would want the clothes to be what stands out and to be the center of the room, with a few pops of color in some details.


i love the look of organization and cleanliness for my closet. the idea is to have everyhting visually at the forefront to be able to access a piece of clothing easily, but have bins and drawers for the miscellaneous items.


i love the idea of having a seating area and a beautiful rug in my dream closet, as well as a plant or two. this gives life and breath-ability to the space.

chair here | pouf here  


i absolutely love the idea clothes rack in my closet. this is an area where i could piece idea outfits together. plus, i love the way it looks aesthetically. and you can get this look for an amazing price!


you can get this clothing rack for less than $50!


a pop of color, whether in a great rug or a beautiful pendant light, would make the neutral space come alive with the clothing.


how beautiful is this pendant?! / you can find some more beautiful pendants here!


to finish it all off, i would have a uniform way of displaying my jewelry that goes with the overall feel of the closet.


you can get this look here.

what would your dream closet be?


thank you arhaus for the inspiration for this post!

valentine’s day roundup

ok, so with this post, i need everyone to understand one thing. i believe in showing the people you love in your life love and appreciation year-round. but i do love a good theme and a reason to dress fun every once in a while! can’t pass up a good reason to wear red and pink, right?

here are some of my favorite looks for valentine’s day…




“lovers gonna love” top // red dress // pink ombre dress // heart dress // “you are loved” top




heart strappy sandals // brown heart flats // heart-toed flats



dainty heart necklace // heart ankle socks // lips socks

what are some of your favorite looks for valentine’s day?